Franz von Stuck - Sensuality Maximilian Lenz - Summer Desire Hans Bellmer - De Sade
Collier - Lilith Giger - Deification Hans Bellmer - En Historie del ojo
Hans Bellmer - Dukke Frank C. Cheney - The Demetrios went into the sacred grove Frank C. Cheney - Upon the middle chest sat a woman
Frank C. Cheney - The Mermaid Martin van Maele - Her God Martin van Maele - Monster
Félicien Rops - Blæksprutten Félicien Rops - Nydelse Felician Rops - The Satanists, the sacrifice
Blake -
The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun
Walter Crane -
The Horses of Neptune
Delville -
Doré -
E. F. Bridgeman - Procession of the sacred bull Apis-Osiris
Albert Pinkham Ryder - Pegasus John Martin -
Destroying Angel
Bouguereau -
Nymphs and Satyr
Carlos Schwabe -
The Faun
The magnificent Treebeard
Albert-Joseph Pénot - Bat-Woman

Penot - The Snake



Vonn Ströpp -
Louis Wain

Constantin Makovsky - Bacchanal  
Albert Pinkham Ryder - Siegfried and the Rhine Maidens

Odilon Redon -
The Smiling Spider
Louis Icart - Spider Men  
Bierstadt -
Sunset in the Yosemite Valley
Goodman -
John Martin -
The Eruption of Vesuvius
The ancient of days
John Martin -
The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
John Martin -
Satan sees Sin and Death building a Bridge over Chaos to link Earth and Hell
Böchlin -
The Isle of the Dead
Falero -
The Vision of Faust
Hades & Persefone på tronen Hades bortfører Kore 1 & 2
Denderahs himmel  
Afrikansk fetich  
Böcklin -
The Sacred Wood
Hermes Trismegistos Knights initiation
Corregio -
Leda and the Swan

Paul-Prosper Tillier -
Leda and the Swan

Walter Crane -
My Soul is an enchanted Boat
Max Ernst -
The Eye of Silence
Wheel of life
Doré -
The Raven
John Martin -
Manfred and the Witch of the Alps
Elihu Vedder -
Listening to the Sphinx
Fernand Khnopff -
With Gregoire Le Roy. My Heart cries for the Past

Ferdinand Cheval -
Palads idéal 1

Ferdinand Cheval -
Palads idéal 2
Ferdinand Cheval -
Palads idéal 3
  Ferdinand Cheval -
Palads idéal 4
Gren Salamander
Alrune Sylfider
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